Back With a Bang

Dear friends,   I do apologise for the silence of the last few weeks.   I was on a 40-day social network Fast, and so much has happened during that time that I have much to share. I will spread out my experiences over the next few upcoming blogs. The main point of the fast … Continue reading Back With a Bang

Patience and Peace

I have been unusually busy this whole week, and so I will only be able to make a post on the follow-up of "Who's Voice Is It? Part 2" this coming weekend. I had one of those moments in life where God said that he would answer many of my prayers and fulfil his promises … Continue reading Patience and Peace

Who’s Voice Is It? Part 1

Last week I began a series on Who's Voice is it?, with the main focus on how to determine whether or not it is the Holy Spirit, devil or you speaking, and how do you know when to respond and obey, and when to ignore the voices? Today's focus is on the characteristics of the … Continue reading Who’s Voice Is It? Part 1