Be Still and Know Part 1 of 3

One thing I have noticed about many singles, and even those who are dating, is that we get so obsessed with “finding the one” that we clean forget to have quiet time, and then we cannot understand why God isn’t listening nor answering our prayers. So, it is high time that we all bring our focus back to God and daily have quiet time.


Quiet time? What is quiet time, you ask?

Some of you may have heard this phrase quiet time, others not. You may know it as “spending time with God” or “waiting on God”.

There is much misunderstanding around quiet time and what it means. How it works.

But the word quiet should be a big enough clue on its own:


“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10


Interesting how people define be still as praying out loud. But that is not at all what scripture says. It says, BE STILL. In the original Hebrew, the word used to translate “Be still” actually means “let go” in Hebrew.

Let go? Let go of what, you ask?

To become still, we need to let go of your expectations. Let go of your desire to be in control. Let go of your anxieties, fears, thoughts, and plans. Let go and give God the room to step into your life and take control, to calm you down and love your fears away.

Let go of all your talking and demands and commands towards God and the people around you. Become still.


What is the difference between “quiet” and “still”?

Quiet: to close one’s mouth without talking further. But your thoughts and emotions are still running wildly. You are incapable of rest or peace.

You might say nothing, but you suffer from anxiety, fear, control and possibly even insecurities. You do not necessarily know who you are in Christ.


Still: A deep sense of peace within your heart and mind. Your thoughts and emotions calm down and you are of capable of relaxing and resting.

Whether you speak or keep quiet, you know that God is in control and you have no need to be afraid. Your identity is in Christ, you know who you are and have no need to prove your worth to people around you.


What is the purpose of letting go and becoming still?

  • Learning to listen and see God, whether you are alone with him or in the midst of chaotic circumstances.
  • To give God 100% control of everything and putting your focus back on God, making him the centre of your life.


This is the core of your relationship with God – to be still at all times. Whether in chaos or in relaxed times, your spirit needs to be still at all times to hear God’s voice.


I’ll never forget the story I heard as a teenager from a guest speaker at another church (unfortunately I do not remember the person’s name), because it really struck a nerve with me and that story has stayed with me ever since:


Several years ago, I was in a church service where the worship was strongly on the go. Like everyone else, I was singing out my heart, and several other people were praying out loud in tongues or their mother tongue, while others were very busy reading the Bible declaring the Word of God out loud.

Suddenly, I saw Jesus Christ standing up front by the stage. But I was incredibly bothered when I saw his face was covered in tears and he was so sad, almost like as if his heart was broken. I saw him standing all alone and looking out over the crowd.

I was so bothered by what I saw, that I went up to him and asked, “Jesus, why are you so sad? Are you not happy by what we are doing?”

Jesus cried even more and through his tears he said, “My people sing about me, but no one sings to me, as if I’m not here, as if all the songs are meant for the audience and not me. My people are so busy asking and demanding and commanding, and chasing demons away in prayer, but none of them give me a few minutes to respond to their prayers and answer them. My people are so busy reading scripture, memorising and declaring them, but none of them waits to listen and hear what I have to say about my love letter. My Word has become head knowledge and the sword I entrusted to them is being used to cut other people to shreds. My people won’t allow me to show them my love in my Word.

When will my people become still, and give me a chance to speak? When will they listen and speak to me?”


Quiet time is all about two very simple things:

  1. having a conversation with God         and
  2. becoming still and allowing God to talk and respond to our questions and words



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