Back With a Bang

Dear friends,


I do apologise for the silence of the last few weeks.


I was on a 40-day social network Fast, and so much has happened during that time that I have much to share. I will spread out my experiences over the next few upcoming blogs.

The main point of the fast was to bring my focus and attention back to God.


It is so easy to get drawn into and get lost in social media and anything technological. Did you know that in modern society one of the leading causes of depression and anxiety is technology and social media? Yep, that’s why it is good to limit the amount you spend on the internet and watching dvds and games, and every now again take a fast, even if it is only for a week. Trust me, it is worth it in every way.

You mind feels clearer. You are happier. And guess what, you have tons more time available for those things you never have time for.

What I can say is that these last few weeks that I was on the fast (I was absent from blogging for about 7 weeks now, almost 2 months), my life has changed and so much has happened. Things I did not plan on doing or getting involved suddenly became a reality. God opened doors for me in amazing ways. Prayers got answered.

I have gotten a job as an au pair with an incredible and amazing 7 year old girl who means the world to me in every way. I have also joined the mid-year Bible School program of my church, and so far it is quite incredible the things I’m learning (our current topic is “Submission and Authority). And I was released about 2 weeks ago to play in the church band on my keyboard on Sunday evenings. I have much to learn and much to grow in with all of these amazing and new things in my life, but I am very excited and blessed with where I am now.

And the best part of all? God found me in my state of confusion and loneliness. I haven’t experience so much peace and joy in a very long time. And I can say with confidence, the fast was definitely worth it in every way.

My focus has returned to my creator.

I really would like to encourage you, my readers to consider taking a social media fast. Or even if it is just a Facebook fast, or a blogging fast only. Even if it is just for 7 days. And use that extra time to read your Bible, pray, and have quiet time in God’s presence. Trust me, you will find that it is worth it.

As for the upcoming blog posts, you can expect the following two topics to be the main focus for the next few weeks:

  1. Quiet time (including prayer and Bible study)
  2. 1 Corinthians 13 (over several months)


In each post I will explain how these topics can be applied to you as a person who is single or dating. I do believe not much time is being spent on focusing on God and trusting Him to be the centre of our lives and our relationships and learning how to love our neighbours as ourselves according to 1 Corinthians 13.

If we make God the centre of our lives, God will bless you beyond your wildest of dreams.

I pray that you will enjoy this journey with me and that you will be blessed in every way. May we learn and grow together as we prepare and pray for our Boaz or Ruth.


God bless,

Ruth (admin)



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