Waiting For God

“The bigger the calling, the longer the wait.”


A powerful statement when it comes to pursuing that which God has in store for our lives. The dreams we are to live and watch come true.
This could be applied to relationships. For the calling that God has in made for each of us he has a special someone in mind who can stand by your side and support you in that calling and dream. Sometimes God makes us wait longer because he is still very busy preparing and sorting things out.
Sometimes when God makes us wait, it isnt because “I” need sorting out, but the person he want “me” to marry needs a little extra time and space to heal and sort out certain things in their life.
Some people will meet their future spouse and become friends, and you will know that you are going to marry this person. But God’s instruction to you will be, “Wait. Give this person space.” And he isnt saying wait with the intention that you should change, but wait to give the other person a chance to be ready.

Then your question is, why would allow you to meet that person if you are ready but the other person isn’t ready yet? Because God believes you are ready to learn the value of waiting and praying patiently. You are ready to learn how to love and serve as a friend without expecting anything back in return, without expecting anything more than friendship from that person.

So even though you might be ready, there is still much to learn and grow in. And God is teaching you these skills that you will need for your marriage one day. So do not despised this time of waiting, of just being friends.


Dont force a relationship to happen when the time isnt right – be a friend, give the person space, wait patiently. But while you wait, pray for that person, for healing, protection, wisdom and peace. Pray that their relationship with God will be strengthened and that they may know God’s perfect love. Pray for peace of mind, that the confusion will cease and that everything will become clear to them.
But wait, wait patiently until God says it is time to move.

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