9 Things to Consider When Praying

Dear Friends,


When praying for your future spouse, I believe that there are at least 9 things worth considering to pray about, especially if you haven’t met that special person yet:
1) salvation
2) spiritual growth
3) protection and safety (from evil, temptation, illness, drugs, etc)
4) wisdom and guidance
5) education / studies
6) their jobs / career
7) finances (provision and wisdom with spending and saving)
8) health
9) preparation for marriage


Often times we are not sure what to pray for, what to ask, and these are all very valid and valuable pointers to consider in prayer. I am not the type of person who prays from lists and simply consider these as a guideline.

I find salvation to be an important prayer, as it has happened where people met that special person but that person wasn’t saved nor interested in God. Just imagine how amazing it is to pray for the salvation of your future spouse.

Spiritual growth is very important. Especially for Christians, since we have a tendency of going down a road of pride somewhere along the line and say, “I already know this, already did that, already read and heard that verse a hundred times, etc…” So pray that your special someone will remain humble and teachable, willing to learn and grow, with a deep hunger for God, His Word (the Bible) and the Holy Spirit. Pray that this person will not become stagnant nor spiritually fat, but constantly sharing and giving revelations and hungering for more of God. I believe this is also a very good prayer to pray over yourself.

Protection and safety is very important I feel. We don’t know what temptation or problems might cross this person’s path and harm them for life. Protection from accidents, pornography, drugs and alcohol, sex before marriage, lies and deception, physical illness and injuries, and even death. Pray their protection when the travel, because the roads has become a very risky place for serious pain and trouble. After all, if you can pray for their protection physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, the chances are good that you will end up with someone who doesn’t have that much baggage and most probably several miraculous stories of how God saved and protected them from danger of every form and kind.

Everyone always needs wisdom and guidance in many situations in their life. Pray for your future spouse to have wisdom in day to day choices, major choices, business and work situations, family situations, complicated issues and relationships, so that the person won’t make wrong choices and end up in a place they cannot get out of.

I believe that education, jobs and careers are very important prayers, especially for the future husbands, since they will most likely (not always, but most likely) be the sole provider in the family and set an example for the children on how to study and complete their education and have a successful career or good job. Pray that if the person is without work that God will provide work and finances for every need. Pray that God will bless their studies and education and that they will pass with flying colours.

Finances – this is an extremely important area in any relationship and especially in marriages. Did you know that one of the marriage factors for divorce today is arguments over finances, especially debts, loans and mortgages. So pray that God will give this person wisdom with how to spend and save money wisely, to protect them from debt and loans, and to financially be blessed with so much that your future spouse will be able to start blessing other people financially. Pray that God will help your future spouse to get out of debt and never return to it, to bring people into his/her life who can guide him/her with financial advice as to how to use the salary wisely.

Health is important, especially since you cannot marry someone who died from some health issue. Pray for protection over their health and that no disease or injuries will come to harm them. Pray for recovery from illness and old injuries and miraculous restoration. Pray for healing from chronic conditions and even mental illnesses. God has really done miraculous healings and even brought people from the dead.

Last, but most certainly not least, is prayer for the preparation of your wedding day and your marriage. I believe that the more prayer that goes into a marriage while you are single, the stronger the foundation for your marriage and the better your chances of a good and happy marriage. No marriage is without problems, but many problems can be eliminated through prayer before your wedding day. A marriage needs unity, protection, love, grace, forgiveness and clear communication. Pray that God will be the solid foundation of your marriage and family, that he will be the binding glue between you and your future spouse, and that God will be the roof over your heads, keeping you safe from anything that could potentially drown and destroy your marriage.


If we can learn to develop a habit for praying for our spouse and marriage long before we even met the person, it will be much more easier for us to pray when we are married one day, and prayer needs to be a daily part of our lives once we are married.

I learned about prayer in marriage through my parents and their friends and pastors couples. The days that someone didn’t pray for their significant other, something went wrong, such as huge arguments or someone physically getting hurt (such as a car accident), but the days that they prayed, the could see God’s hands on them and the blessing on their marriage and  family.

Take 5 minutes each day to pray for your future spouse, and one day you will reap the rewards for your diligence and sincerity.


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