Refreshing Beginning

Hi to all!


I realise that it has been several months since I last made a post. A lot has taken place in my life and Jesus Christ has done a lot of work in my heart the last while.

I ended off 2015 with my heart in pieces from several not-so-great events. My life literally got thrown upside-down, turned inside-out overnight, without any warning.

However, so many miracles has taken place and come across my path since then that my life has changed in more than one way. I hope to share with you the many amazing things that God has done for me and how he has restored my joy and peace and hope.

I am going to change the main aim and focus of this page but will keep all my old posts for those still interested in reading my old previous thoughts.

I will be focusing on how to live a full and happy single life, but at the same time how to pray and prepare for your future spouse. I myself am currently single with no special man in sight (just yet). However, it is a passion of mine to share with other singles what God has done for me so far and how God can be a major part of their daily lives while they are still single. I completely believe in the old fashioned method of courtship and would like to share with everyone who might be interested in how it works and why it is Biblically sound.

I’ll explore every avenue of Biblical examples of relationships, both good and bad, and how to pray, when to pray, what to pray.

But most of all, to encourage my single friends, that even though it seems you might be single for the rest of your life, God hasn’t forgotten his promise to bless you with a husband / wife. We must just use this time in our waiting period as wisely as possible. Do not give up hope and choose the pure and honest way of doing things.

You won’t regret it.

So I am inviting everyone to join me on this journey, the Biblical Ruth’s journey, to finding your Boaz / Ruth.

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