Matters of Inspiration

I have been going through a really rough time the last while. Having to make several tough decisions, work through several hurts with the family, and making peace with the past. I was taught in Counseling Class for the past 2 years these simple words: Face, Trace, Erase, Replace. Face the problem, pain, past, truth … Continue reading Matters of Inspiration

El Roi: God who sees all

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Erik and Elena Brewer's Weblog

Do you ever feel like you are all alone and no one understands you? Do you ever feel like you will never find a person on this earth who will accept you the way that you are? Have you ever wondered if it is really true that we are born into this world all alone and we leave the same way?

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Crossroads – Small or Big

(This is a follow-up to the post Decisions - Small or Big.) Crossroads - one of those big events in your life that either left you grinning from ear to ear for the rest of your life, or regretting that moment and crying more buckets of tears than you thought possible. Then there are some … Continue reading Crossroads – Small or Big