Decisions – Small or Big

Decisions and choices, whether small or big influence our daily lives and with time they can change so much of what happens in the future. After all, if you only began brushing your teeth for the first time at the age of 30, there is a possibility you could be toothless by age 40. Minor choice, major consequence. What we often don’t realise is that those decisions not only influence “my” life, but it has a major impact on the lives of those involved, often our family, friends, colleagues, and sometimes even strangers. Decisions and choices . . .  all so complex yet so meaningful and amazing.

I have made several good choices and bad choices in my life already. And I have been a victim of certain circumstances over which I had no control and that caused major impacts on my life, mostly very negative impacts. My family was every time touched in some way or another by the choices I made (or didn’t make). Choices and decisions were never meant to be taken lightly, toyed around with like a cat playing with its food, and then carelessly just toss out a random decision.


After all, you never know if that one decision could change all of history, or only touch your husband or mom or brother’s life. Imagine if Moses decided to stay another 5 or 10 years with his family in the desert, rather than going back to Egypt as God had commanded? What if Abraham decided to remain in the land of his father and people, rather than separating himself and moving to unknown territory as God had commanded? What if Abraham hadn’t listened to Sarah and slept with Hagar to produce Ishmael – now that would have certainly influenced history in a major way. Look what happened to Jonah because he made several poor choices out of stubbornness and pride. Imagine if Peter hadn’t taken the risk of climbing out of the boat to walk on the water – would that story even exist or would we be talking about another disciple who had the courage to walk on water? What if Joan of Arc decided, “Ah, this is not my problem to solve, someone else can do it” – imagine how different history would have been. What if Abraham Lincoln decided that fighting the war of slavery was a waste of time and produced no hope, and decided to use his time on something else? Imagine if Martin Luther had refused to attempt translating the Bible for the ordinary man and left that huge task for someone else to do decades or even centuries later. What if Marie Antoinette had decided to give bread instead of cake – would we be shaking our heads today still at her? What would life have been like if CS Lewis had kept his imagination to himself and never wrote the stories of Narnia and refused to share his knowledge and opinions on certain subjects over the radio?

Decisions might seem small and pointless, or too big to take on at the time. But we don’t always see the major impact of those decisions and choices we make – sometimes the results can only be fully recognised years after we had left this earth. In other cases, your whole world gets turned upside-down or sent flying all the way up into heaven in less than 2 hours.

How does the Holy Spirit play a role in our decision-making throughout life? Do we need him to help us decide whether we should eat at McDonald’s tonight or rather at that fancy restaurant 20 minutes away? Maybe, maybe not. Do not forget that God gave us a free will, and in small things in life we have the freedom to make whatever decisions we feel are good – like which toothpaste to use. I honestly do not think God would interfere with our daily minor tasks and choices, However, there might be odd occasions where God will say, do not go there, do not use this, do not say that, and we should listen when he does give us instruction over the small decisions in life. We might not know in that moment how valuable that obedience could be, but will later see the difference it made if we had obeyed.


Let me use an example: many years ago, when I was about 12 years old, my mom had made arrangements with her friend to go to the mall and have coffee and cake in the afternoon, so she agreed to let my brother and I go to the ice skating rink in the mall during that time. On the day that we were supposed to go, my mom, brother and I began getting a very uncomfortable feeling about going, that something was very wrong. But we didn’t know what could be so wrong about going to have coffee and cake and going ice skating. My mom’s friend called and said that she had this upsetting feeling that she needed to cancel the afternoon tea and reschedule for another day, and my mom agreed to it. The following day it was plastered all over the newspapers and on television that the mall’s second-floor and ceiling had collapse right on top of the ice skating rink, with some people seriously injured. (See link below)

Just imagine what could have happened if we had gone that day to the mall. Minor decisions, major impact. Again, I do believe God wouldn’t interfere in our day-to-day minor choices, such as which tie to wear, as he created us to be people with a free will and it shows our different personalities and opinions. However, I also do believe that if God on a day out of the blue does tell you to change a minor choice, such as, “Do not ride on your motorbike to work today, go in your car”, then I would listen, because God sees the bigger picture and the impact of a minor change in choices.


As for the big decisions in life, I would say involve God in prayer and if necessary, even in fasting. After all, there is nothing more wonderful than sharing a story as a testimony involving God in it all. But I will discuss major decisions in the post called “Crossroads – Small or Big” after my update on “Who’s Voice is It?” post.

Do not fear decisions and choices, whether small or big. But be ready and willing to make them.


“Let us choose what is right; let us know among ourselves what is good.” Job 34:4

“Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Or do you begrudge my generosity?” – Jesus , Matthew 20:15

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