Courtship vs Dating

quote-Vernon-Lee-there-is-too-little-courtship-in-the-195223 It is so true. Dating is only about 70 years old, whereas the classic and beautiful courtship is hundreds and thousands of years old. Why on earth anyone would fight for dating over courtship, only they would know. There is such a beauty to courtship, which dating lacks. And no, it is not boring and dull, in fact it is quite fun and refreshing. Dating is all about selfish desire: “Me, myself and I”, and what can I get out of this relationship. It isn’t so much about sharing the heart and beliefs, but about finding someone you can use to your advantage, and in most cases something that leads to either heavy petting or sex, or even living together. Often dating is done due to peer pressure, a way of escape from life, or the person cannot handle being alone or single, or they hate the idea of being a third wheel, or this is the only financial solution to their problems, or family and relatives saying “Why don’t you have a boyfriend / girlfriend yet?” or “you are so old”. More often than not, dating ends in a really bad break-up, not seriously taking into consideration that you are messing a person’s heart, with no intentions or plans of getting married. 736519ad1cff815dd9be0220f1def2a8 Courtship on the other hand is focused on building a friendship, with the intention of it becoming a relationship that leads to marriage for life. Courtship is focused on purity and respect for one another, building trust and binding hearts. Courtship gives room and time for our unique characteristics and beliefs to be expressed and shared. Dating looks for the perfect person: physical outward appearance that should be awarded with Miss World or Mr World, and in some people’s cases, no or little intelligence to compete with, someone to serve you hand and foot, day and night. Faults are not accepted. 101a6f8a8939c20e2200a5a6a2944597 Courtship gives room for the couple to make mistakes as individuals and as a couple to grow together. Courtship allows intelligence and belief to match or even outweigh the physical appearance.   I will admit that it is hard to find someone of the opposite sex who has an interest in courtship just like I am, even in the Christian community. I dated my previous 2 boyfriends (thank God things stopped in time – I never lost my virginity). It is especially difficult to if the one partner is attempting courtship while the other one is doing dating – mass confusion and misery. After these two heart breaks, I told my family and friends 3 years ago, and especially a lot last years and this year – I have no intentions of dating a man ever again. However, the next man had better be the one willing to be my friend and step into courtship, with the intention of marriage. I simply refuse to share my heart with a man who has no plans of marrying. quote-courtship-a-man-pursuing-a-woman-until-she-catches-him-anonymous-353850(1) Quotation-Kim-Cattrall-future-dating-mind-people-Meetville-Quotes-231029(1) IMG_0986   Patience is a hard thing, no doubt. But its rewards are sweet. Impatience only rewards you with bitterness and regrets. Choose wisely, think and pray carefully. After all, marriage should not be taken so lightly, and neither should you play with your own heart. _A_woman_s_heart_should_be_so_hidden_in_God_that_a_man_has_to_seek_Him_just_to_find_her._

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