Who’s Voice Is It? Introduction

They say talking to yourself is a sign of madness – a response to the voices in your head. But what if you are not schizophrenic, with multiple personalities: would they call you mad for responding to a voice called the Holy Spirit or the devil? Then again how do you know the difference between your own thoughts, the devil and the Holy Spirit? How do you know if you are responding to the wrong voice, and give that voice the wrong name? What if I respond to my own selfish thoughts of power and glory, while calling it the leading of the Holy Spirit? What if I ignore the Holy Spirit, because I believe that it is the devil talking and completely miss out on what the Holy Spirit was going to do? I will be making this subject my focus for the next few posts, and answering the questions as best as possible, using stories out of my personal life, things I have learned through trial and error. I would like to suggest that you read the following articles, which are quite excellent (I especially like the second link):




For now I will leave you to just ponder over what the above articles have said, including this one thought:

Many years ago I did a little training under a chef in a restaurant, and he gave me a piece of advice which has been stuck with me ever since, and helped me to make decisions much more easily. His words to me were, “Ruth, do not try to be perfect, because perfect people never learn things and they do not grow from perfection. Rather, make mistakes, and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Feel free to go out and make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and grow. The only way to learn and grow is through stepping out, making mistakes, learning from them, and growing.”

So, my advice to you, my reader is this, where it concerns recognising the difference between your voice, the Holy Spirit’s voice and the Devil’s voice: Do not be afraid to make mistakes, but look forward to learning from them. Write down what you heard, compare it with scripture, and do it. With time you will learn to recognise the difference between the three voices. Always keep in mind before acting on a voice: 1) Does scripture support what this voice is telling me?

2) If I obey this voice, will this action harm me / the person or will it help me to grow and change the lives of others?

3) Am I obeying / ignoring this voice out of fear or out of loving courage?

4) Does this voice want me to stay in my comfort zone, or does it challenge me to have courage?

5) Will there be a testimony to share afterwards, or a lot of heartache and tears? 5e7107ef3d55de4bcb6b5f6301f9448b I hope this helps, and causes your curiosity to grow. Be blessed in all you do.

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