Who’s Voice Is It? Part 2a

I would like to share a teaching I used in my cell group back in February that describes a bit who the Holy Spirit is. The more we can understand how he operates, the more time we spend with Him, the more easily we will recognise His voice. I will be splitting this specific teaching … Continue reading Who’s Voice Is It? Part 2a


Courtship vs Dating

It is so true. Dating is only about 70 years old, whereas the classic and beautiful courtship is hundreds and thousands of years old. Why on earth anyone would fight for dating over courtship, only they would know. There is such a beauty to courtship, which dating lacks. And no, it is not boring and dull, … Continue reading Courtship vs Dating

Who’s Voice Is It? Part 1

Last week I began a series on Who's Voice is it?, with the main focus on how to determine whether or not it is the Holy Spirit, devil or you speaking, and how do you know when to respond and obey, and when to ignore the voices? Today's focus is on the characteristics of the … Continue reading Who’s Voice Is It? Part 1


Who’s Voice Is It? Introduction

They say talking to yourself is a sign of madness - a response to the voices in your head. But what if you are not schizophrenic, with multiple personalities: would they call you mad for responding to a voice called the Holy Spirit or the devil? Then again how do you know the difference between your … Continue reading Who’s Voice Is It? Introduction


Almost Over

Have you been dreaming of certain things, waiting for certain promises to be fulfilled, longing to have certain prayers answered? Has it been years and nothing has changed, with no sign that it ever will? I have been given many promises by God, especially that many of my dreams and prayers would be answered. Some … Continue reading Almost Over


Mercy in Demand

Many years ago I belonged to a church where the pastor preached Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays all about grace, but anyone who knew him when he was off stage, knew that he never lived grace. In spite of 4 years of teaching, I still had no understanding of grace, especially when I decided to resign … Continue reading Mercy in Demand


Welcome to my journey

Welcome to my world and this journey that I hope to share with everyone! This would be my first time that I would be using a WordPress blog, however I am looking forward to it. I hope to share anything from learning experiences from my classes in 2nd year Christian Lay Counseling, Part-time Bible School, … Continue reading Welcome to my journey